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What to Bring on a Winter Hike
Winter packs should be larger to allow room for extra clothing layers that are shed and put back on during the hike. 
Hiking poles are strongly recommended in the winter to assist with balance and footing when the terrain is slippery.
Make sure you have some calorie rich snacks in your pack to keep your energy level up. 
Bring a thermos with a warm beverage to warm your core during breaks. 
Even though it is cold out, you still need to drink plenty of water.  The cold air is drier and will dehydrate you just as well sunshine will.  If you use a hydration pack, be aware that the hose may freeze at low temperatures, so you may want to keep your water hose inside your jacket.  Check it regularly for leaks. There are also covered hoses available.
Carry a small flashlight for emergencies, as the days are shorter and daylight is limited.