About Canoeing

Bring a partner, canoe, kayak, life jackets. (Life Jackets Required) Bring lunch & dry clothes in a waterproof bag.

Rain may cancel the trip. River runs are dependent on the water level in the river.


Rentals are usually not available at launch sites, however, check with the leader.


Special One time Notice for August 18, 2016

The White Lake natural area is now under the supervision of the Ridge and Valley Conservancy.  They have instituted some new programs – one of which offers free use of a kayak to paddle around the lake on Wednesdays and Fridays.  The Friday program offers the kayaks between 3 and 6 pm.
By starting our paddle at 3:00 PM we can take advantage of their program to invite TSR members who do not have a boat to attend a paddle.  Their boats are new, recreational boats that are easy to paddle.  They do not offer instruction but the ranger helps attendees get started.  Life jackets (PFD – personal floatation device) are provided and REQUIRED TO BE WORN BY ALL WHILE ON THE WATER.  Water shoes are recommended as well as sun protective clothing or sun screen.
Drive time to the Blairstown area is approximately 1 hour from the intersection of I287 and I80. The mid afternoon start time should avoid the evening commuter traffic. The return drive toward the east is not a heavy commuter pattern.
Please see the book information about the paddle (we cannot access the marl works from the lake because the Conservancy has temporarily closed that route) and look at the website shown below for information about the park.  Drive directions are on the TSR website.
As is the practice with all TSR paddles, you MUST REGISTER with the leader the day before the event.  The weather is unpredictable this week. You will be notified of cancellation during the  morning on the day of the paddle. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.








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